Role of a Property Manager

Role of a Property Manager

All the leaseholders of the properties within Town & City’s portfolio naturally want to be rest assured that their building is managed by a reputable managing agent.

Town & City have a team of industry experts across all departments, and this includes Property Managers.

The day-to-day responsibilities of a Property Manager includes being responsible for managing communal areas of residential blocks and multi-use development.


The daily responsibilities can vary considerably and include preparing annual service charge budgets, controlling expenditure, arranging maintenance repairs, liaising with insurers and making sure that demands for service charge and ground rent are made in a timely manner.  Property Managers work from several locations which includes carrying out daily tasks from an office while also travelling to site to carry out site inspections while also meeting contractors who could be completing works.

It is also important that they are on top of relevant legislations and leasehold matters.  One of the main roles is to ensure that the building is maintained in line with the terms of the lease which will vary from building to building and even flat to flat. This will adversely include the preparation of service charge budgets, completion of audited service charge accounts and carrying out routine inspections to ensure the building is kept in top condition.

Property Managers need to be reliable, knowledgeable and approachable individuals as they need to deal and communicate with a variation of stakeholders. This can be a contractor who is carrying out maintenance work, the freeholder who has expectations that are to be reached, tenants who might be reporting anti-social behaviour or leaseholders who might be querying a proposed major works project.

Communication is a key part of a Property Manager’s responsibilities and to several varied people.  You need to be committed to the buildings you are involved with and able to provide a high level of customer service.  A can-do attitude is key and the want to make a difference is paramount.


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